The Service Advantage

The VMC Difference
In a digital age, there’s still no substitute for human capital. Your clients need your trust to ensure their benefits are communicated properly and their employees are handled with care.

That’s the root of our best practice enrollment services model at Reliance Standard. We employ full-time, licensed, certified benefits specialists — called Voluntary Market Coordinators or VMCs — and locate them in our field offices nationwide so they are close to you, where they belong. They can help from the planning and strategy stage all the way through completed applications.

How can we call it best practice?
Easy: On average, employee participation is 26% higher in enrollments managed by our VMCs than those where they are not involved.

A proven service model working with our comprehensive product portfolio, national resources and broad array of tools, our Voluntary Market Coordinators deliver:
  • Proven strategies, customized to your group
  • A full complement of tools and technology to support your enrollment
  • Meetings staffed by our own full-time, licensed specialists
  • Nationwide, multisite enrollment events
  • Enrollment forms and kits personalized to the degree you decide
  • Bilingual support when needed
  • 100% accountability and stewardship of your enrollment program
  • No participation requirements (if eligible for Enrollment Advantage)


Our flexible online enrollment/EOI technology stands alone or integrates with your platform.

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Online Enrollment and EOI

For your convenience you can enroll employees online on your own proprietary (or third party) platform or ours. Compared to a traditional paper enrollment, online enrollment can help minimize errors and optimize administrative turnaround times.

Our System

Employees access Reliance Standard’s online enrollment system to enroll in Reliance Standard coverages and will automatically be prompted if they are required to complete Evidence of Insurability. This option is ideal for policyholders that utilize our standard business rules for each of our lines of coverage.

E-Connect Paperless EOI

E-connect is a unique web based service offering paperless evidence of insurability (EOI) for customers with their own (or a third party) enrollment platform. This web hosted service provides seamless integration with any real-time enrollment system through single sign-on, providing enhanced employee participation and satisfaction in a paperless environment. In many cases, approvals are secured in minutes and either reported back to the employee or made available for online query, depending on the development option selected by the employer. In 2013, 50% of all applications were auto-approved

RSL Hosted

Employees use their own company’s enrollment system to elect coverage. If the employee elects coverage that requires EOI, the employee will click on a link to complete the EOI questions. The link opens a new window in which the employee can answer questions without an additional login. This option offers real-time approval, with status update (including approvals) available within 60 minutes.

Vendor Hosted

Employees use their own company’s enrollment system to elect coverage. As the employee elects coverage the system determines real-time if EOI is required. If so, the medical questions automatically appear on the elections screen. Once the employee submits his or her enrollment information, the EOI application travels electronically to Reliance Standard’s secure system for auto-approval. Reliance Standard sends an approval status within 60 minutes for two-way, real-time communication through a single platform.
Vendor Hosted