Voluntary Accident Insurance

No one likes to think about the possibility of an accident, but the likelihood – as well as the havoc it can cause for families - is very real. In the US, a disabling injury occurs every second, and an accidental death occurs every four minutes.1  Whether it’s an automobile accident, sports injury, or the inevitable slip-and-fall, an accident can bring about not only lifestyle challenges but tangible economic ones as well.

Health insurance can offset many of the treatment costs, but there are “hidden” costs as well: time lost from work, satisfying deductibles, paying co-pays, medications, convenient meals for the family and transportation to and from doctor visits. As a safety net against all the incremental burdens and expenses an accidental injury can cause, Reliance Standard offers Voluntary Accident Insurance (VAI).

Do the math:  More than 1 in 10 Americans suffered a nonfatal injury last year2, with the economic impact of unintentional injuries in the US amounting to about $2,600 per person or about $6,700 per household. These are costs that every individual and household pays, whether directly out of pocket, through higher prices for goods and services, or through higher taxes.

1  Injury Facts. National Safety Council. 2014 Edition. Pg. 37
2 CDC, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2014
3 National Safety Council, 2015


Plan Features Include

  • All coverage is Guaranteed Issue – no medical underwriting
  • 24-hour and non-occupational coverage available
  • Three different plan levels available
  • Employee-only, employee and spouse, employee and child(ren) and family rates
  • Optional accidental death & dismemberment benefits
  • Portability
  • FMLA/MSLA continuation
  • Wellness benefit (standard, may be excluded)
  • May be purchased as 100% employee paid or contributory

Scheduled Benefits

  • Emergency Care
  • General Treatment
  • Specified Covered Injury & Treatment Benefits
  • Surgery Benefits
  • Transitional & Paralysis Benefits
  • AD&D Benefits
  • Wellness Health Screening